Friday, July 15, 2011


so i just went to EFY and it was amazing!!! my favorite part was all the spiritual talks!! and all of the really really CUTE BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!  but the talks were amazing...very spiritual...if you ever want to feel the spirit a lot...go to EFY!! but oh my gosh THE BOYS ARE SO SO SO CUTE!!! and super nice!!! i met some really cool people at andrew, melanie, shayne, mary, chase, jacob, Abby, dallin....and all of the other girls and boys!! i miss them all!!!! i had an amazing time at efy, and im totally going again!! (i didn't take any pictures because i didn't have my camera, well I took alot of pictures but not on my camera)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!!

i know its a day late but its ok! i just wanted to let my daddy know that i love him very much! his is an amazing dad! i am so lucky to have him as a daddy!!  i am also thank full for all of the other daddys in my my grandpas!! Grandpa Frank! Grandpa Steve! and Grandpa Sutton! thanks to all of my grandpas and to my amazing daddy!! i love you daddy!! :) this is a pic of half of my family and my dad!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

pictures of our ducks

our cute little 8 ducks

i would tell you their names but i cant tell.

im guessing this is George

this one is valentine
i love my baby ducks...they are getting so so big!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby duck eggs

i never realized how much i love animals until my mom brought home 11 baby duck eggs!!! i love them they chirp and the scratch at there eggs and i love the so so so much!! they are so cute and i can't wait until they hatch!! when they do hatch does any one want any baby ducks?? because we have a killer dog in our back yard haha jk it only kills ducks!! so if you want a duck...or 11 baby ducks please call 632-1006 and ask for crystal!! this morning i woke up and there were little holes poked in the eggs and now they are kept in my room!! i love these ducks!! but some one please come and get them hahah no im not kidding!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


woo we have no more school!! until august then i will be a high schooler officially. what im going to do this summer...lets see 2 girls camps woo woo fun fun!! EFY, yippy im so so excited for that.  then youth conference!! im not as excited for that because we are staying in hurricane and sleeping in our own beds :( but it will still be fun!! but and the rest of the summer i do not know at all what i should do!! (i will upload some pictures of the last day of school! right now one of my friends has my camera so i can't but they will soon be here) the sad thing is i had a lot of 8th grader friends that i will not see as much! but i will still have fun at the high school! yippy for SUMMER!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Anne Of Green Gables

i am going to miss every one in the hole entire cast!! i really do love you all!! we were such a big family and still are!! zaylee and Kenna and kaylie i had so much fun with all of you...haha (kaylie you don't know what this is but ya) remember open the door my friend open the the door my friend open the door!! and then it turned in to this hole big thing with the whole entire cast!! i am going to cry!! Aaron i had so much fun with our pillow fight!! you are such a brother to me!! haha Tristan...haha is all i have to say...hahha good times!! Kenna, and kaylie!! i love you both so much!! maddie...poor maddie...all she did was puke and go crazy...literally!! Aubrey i love you...jaylin i love you...Sara i love you...Connor i love you...every one i love you all!!! and especially Mrs. Harvey!! :) you Mrs. Harvey are the best teacher in the whole wide world!! thank you!!
this is Mrs. Harvey our amazing director

who ever didn't come missed out!! (i was going to put a video but it didn't work!! so ya) i love you all

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Valley of Fire

this is my grandpa Steve. he is very silly!!

my dad, playing with his camera!!

my family


a fat lizard!!

kade on top, cheila on the left, and jace on the right.

cheila with the eater bunny!!
i love going to valley of Fire. it is so much fun here are some pictures from valley of fire!!